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In an effort to keep both clinical staff and clients informed of the 21st Century CURES Act section 12006 (a) legislation passed January 1, 2020, please read the information below concerning the implementation of the Electronic Visit Verification (also known as EVV), Utilization of iPads for EMR (Electronic Medical Records) and Axxess Training Videos.

Please note: These changes are due to state and federal mandates that will affect all homecare-based organizations and private nursing entities.


Electronic Visit Verification (EVV)

EVV is a system that may include multiple point-of-care verification technologies, such as telephonic, mobile, and web-based verification inputs. The system electronically verifies the occurrence of home or community-based service visits by identifying the time that service provision begins and ends. This is to ensure accurate claims disbursement and safeguarding of beneficiaries who are authorized to receive services get the expected care. EVV is used to:

  1. Verify visits on a real-time basis, including date, location, type of service, individual(s) providing and receiving services, and duration of service(s)
  2. Validate hours of work for home health employees (Private duty Nurses)
  3. Eliminate billing data entry mistakes
  4. Reduce costs related to paper billing and payroll
  5. Help combat fraud, waste, and abuse


iPad Utilization

EHR / EMR Software is a digital version of a patient’s chart used to manage, maintain, and keep track of patient medical history. EHR Systems allow providers to securely and instantly access patient information, create and customize notes, use voice dictation, ePrescribe medications, and much more.
Real time note taking and sharing amongst staff
Immediate review of information by QA nurse


Axxess Training Videos

These videos provide step-by-step instructions for note documentation, nursing communication, nurse planner, schedules, task, co-signature notes, hospitalizations, QA Center, and medication orders management.

Please Note: EVV uses a clock to track your start time, end time, and total time for each shift worked. The GPS (Global Positioning System) within your cell phone or tablet knows your current location at the start and end of each shift. It does not record your location at any other time. Again, these mandates will affect all agencies and failure to comply may result in loss of services and benefits.